Happy Ever After

Why did I become a Romance Writer?

When I was girl, rummaging through books at our school library, I was always drawn to the genre of Romantic Fiction. Now some people may think I was very precocious, and I don’t argue the fact, but I was drawn to reading books that promised a happy ending.

Romance writers are bound to that trusted code: to offer hope in the midst of tragedy, and to overcome all obstacles that interfere with our quest for perfect love. Of course, in real life, I’ve never witnessed the perfect hero or heroine. When I began writing and finally submitted my work for professional review, the critique read: “what happen to the happy ending?”

I had forgotten the trusted goal of all Romance Writers. And I finally realized, I didn’t have any experience with a happy ending. But as a writer, I learned  to take truth from my own human drama and interject the “what if” solution.  So I discovered our regrets can be examined and edited. We can rewrite the scene, using the wisdom of “hind sight”. The results offered a marvelous boost to my moral.     

Authors are given something we all cherish…complete control over those we love. We find the opportunity for a “do over”. When we create a picture from life experience, we have the opportunity to control our characters. No matter how long the antagonist may rail against us, we have time to write the perfect response.  If innocence is endangered, the hero can ride in to save the day. How wonderful!

And you might say, “but that’s not true to life, and it’s not helpful”. If Romantic Fiction offers anything, it may be a pleasant distraction from reality. And sometimes, it allows the writer a safe place for healing. So the next time you’re feeling down, there’s no need for drugs, alcohol, or a feeding frenzy. Try the art of self-expression. Pick up a pen and start writing.

Blessings, Donna


Author: Donna Dotson

Donna Dotson is a published Christian Author with WestBow Press, and a member of Romance Writers of America.

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