Miracle of the Butterfly

A few days ago I was walking through the garden with my camera. Suddenly a yellow butterfly flew past my lens. Of course, I could not rest until I snapped a photo. I loved the contrast of color among the flowers. But afterwards, as I studied the image, I was reminded of the process God uses to create such beauty.

As many of you probably remember, the first stage the creature’s metamorphosis begins with an egg. That’s no surprise, since all life begins with an egg of some size, even humans. But this egg doesn’t hatch open and release a winged creation,able to soar into the atmosphere. God reminded me the same is true for those creatures created in His image. His children grow in stages, but each phase is important.

The caterpiller is the feeding, growing stage of life. How sad that the lovely butterfly must start out as an “earth-bound” creature, creeping and crawling through our world. But learning and growing is never easy for any of us.

At some point the caterpillar must go into a type of hybernation. For some species of moths, this stage last two years. Just imagine being hidden away from the world, in as state of dormancy. Perhaps, some of you also understand what it’s like to seem invisible, but don’t lose hope. God’s process is at work, and when the time is right, you will fly free from the coccoon of obsurity and into the light.

Try not to lose hope during His process. God is working on a thing of beauty. So as we walk through birth,growth,and feeding on His Word, we should allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Remember, there is fruit we should expect to see, and one of those is called patience.

Be blessed, Donna

Author: Donna Dotson

Donna Dotson is a published Christian Author with WestBow Press, and a member of Romance Writers of America.

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