Give Us Our Daily Bread

Yesterday, I listened to some women discuss their trip to a yearly Women’s Retreat. They all agreed: “it was the best EVER”.

Of course, I must confess, since I did not attend…I felt like someone who missed out on a party, and I was forced to endure everyone’s talk about each dish on the banquet table.

Whenever I allow myself to have a private “Pitty Party”, the Lord is quick with correction. “Why are you feeling jealous? You much prefer intimate dinners with the one you love.”

Oh, my goodness! The Holy Spirit knows exactly what I need to hear. And it’s perfectly true; I do prefer a quiet dinner, rather than a noisy Banquet Hall, filled with other guests. Each morning, I anxiously enter into His Presence. I find, the Lord has prepared a table just for me. I love to hear: “I made all this, because I love you.”

I’m sure we all agree…none of us can be sustained on the occasional experience of the banquet table. Life requires daily nutrition. That’s where we find the term: “sustenance”.

When the disciples understood the true identity of our Lord, they made an urgent request: “Teach us to pray”. And, I’m sure you know, Jesus never disappoints.

So, today, I urge you to take time for a moment of refreshing. Find a private place and enjoy much needed nourishment.”Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

Until next time, Be Blessed. Donna

Author: Donna Dotson

Donna Dotson is a published Christian Author with WestBow Press, and a member of Romance Writers of America.

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