Pity Party

Sunday morning, our Sunday School class was discussing: “Depression”. We were reminded of our constant need to “take our thoughts captive”.

How many of us understand that the battle for our soul begins with our thought life? The enemy, Satan, wants to attack us with thoughts of doubt,grief,guilt,and anger toward others.

After class, we entered the sanctuary for our time of Praise and Worship. It was during this time that I began to pour out my heart to God:
“This is not what I wanted. I planned to spend my life serving you, in the Mission Field. Forgive me for wasting the time I’ve been given.”

Before I knew it, everything had stopped. No music, no singing; there was complete silence, as everyone waited in the presence of the Lord.

God had come, as our Pastor later explained: “to do business with His people”.

There were two messages. The first was a call of complete surrender: “Bow down before me”. The second: “Lay it aside”.

The Lord truly knew my thoughts. I was having a pity party, which was not of His making. God wants to give us peace. He sent His Son to offer deliverance from the attacks of our enemy. We should remember the price Jesus paid for our salvation. So, I had to follow God’s instruction: “Bow before me…and lay it aside.”

Whatever distress you may suffer, today, I urge you to take it to the Lord. “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Be Blessed, Donna

Author: Donna Dotson

Donna Dotson is a published Christian Author with WestBow Press, and a member of Romance Writers of America.

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