The Journey

I know you’ve all heard the phrase: “life is a journey”, and I won’t elaborated much more on that issue, since you’re each walking your own path at this moment. But recently I was sitting with a group of friends and out of the clear blue, I turned to a young woman and announced, “God wants me to tell you, it’s going to get better”.

Of course I had no idea what “it” God was referring to. That was something private between God and the young woman. But after I drove home, I remembered the truth of what God has done in my life…always making things better.

Some of you already know about my new career in writing, and many have asked if my first book was written as an autobiography. I always assure them, the story line is “pure fiction”. But as any writer will tell you, the relationships are based on life experience.  

If I wrote anything based on my life, I would say: “I came from a troubled home, I lived a troubled childhood,  and had a troubled marriage.But God created something beautiful out of all that mess!”

So dear friend, whether you’re  young or old, male or female, rich or poor…my message to you will always be: don’t give up! For God has a promise…”it’s going to get better”, if you trust Him.

Be blessed, Donna

Strive for Perfection

Many of us come into this world with the hope of fulfilling some goal. As a writer, it was my dream to write with purpose, something that would help someone else in their walk with God.

I began writing in 1980, so that struggle to follow my dream seemed long, almost endless. Now that I have taken that first bold step, to see my work in print, I must pause to remember the words of Paul: “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” (Philippians 3:12).

When a writer is allowed to see their first book published, it’s like a mother holding her child after a long and painful delivery. We weep for joy. For me, I give thanks to God, knowing it was only by his grace that I was able to type the first sentence on that page.

Recently, I took the time to actually read the book  for pleasure, rather than a day’s work. And when I turned the pages, I was shocked to find there were still a few errors we missed in the editing process ( an extra word or misplaced letter, even quotation marks out of place).

Oh the pain I felt, to see that my work of art was still not finished, not yet perfect!  But during hours of remorse, hating the fact that my creation was found wanting, God allowed me to see a truth in his Word: “For no one is good…except God alone”(Mark 10:18) and “my strength is made perfect in weakness”(II Cor. 12:9).

Last night, when I was reading my bedside devotional, I was surprised to see an error in the printed word, a “type-o”. And it gave me such joy. I heard the Lord say, “even with flaws, something can be of value.” And I understand that “Word” had a deeper meaning about God’s creation, and the people in this life. No one will ever measure up to that goal of perfection. But in the eyes of God, we are still valued.

So, we all strive for perfection as we follow our dreams in this life. But if you fall short of that goal, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes, and keep striving for perfection.

Be blessed, Donna

Born to Create

When I was a little girl, around six years old, my mother gave me a diary. She explained that I should write in it everyday. And as strange as it may seem, I believe that was the beginning of my writing career.

In truth, she had an ulterior motive at the time. It seems her greatest fear was the thought that I might follow in her footsteps…make the same mistakes.

After a month of daily writing, Mother surprised me one day by handing the book back to me. “What do you mean you kissed a boy at school?” She opened the book and read a page where I wrote: “Dear Diary, today I met a boy and he was so cute that I gave him a kiss during recess.”

I couldn’t understand why she was so angry. After she finished screaming, and crying…I looked up at her and said, “But Momma, I’m just writing a story.”

And so it began…my passion to create “my story”. Of course, I’m not the only one in my family who has that gift. For I truly believe we all have a gift to create something. We get it from the original Creator, God the Father.

If you ever open a Bible, you discover: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) So, isn’t it logical that we were each born to create in some way?

I challenge each of you to find what you were meant to create. For it’s inside your DNA. You were born with a purpose to create a small portion of this great place we call, “Life”. So why don’t you ask God what it is He wants you to do, and just get on with it.

Be blessed, Donna


Why I Want to Write

When I made the decision to finally publish one of my manuscripts, my family asked the usual questions, beginning with the most important…”why?”.

I must confess, my life didn’t start out as a fairy tale romance, but God created something beautiful out of the ashes. I know there are many who can say, “amen” to that sentiment, when they look at their own stories.

The heart of my writing will always be an offering of praise. I am thankful for the miracles I have witnessed, and it cost me nothing to share the story with those who are still waiting for answers to their special prayers.

As I look at this picture of my marine husband, I can’t help but remember the year our military were involved in Operation Desert Storm. My husband and two sons were all in uniform, and for a short time, they were all overseas.

Back at home, our youngest son struggled with anger, and probably fear, over what the future might hold. During that time of typical teenage rebellion, he was involved in an auto accident. To be exact, it was a head-on collision, in the middle of a storm and a busy intersection. But during that terrible time, God protected my family and brought them all home.

My message will always be…don’t give up on those you love, and more important, don’t give up on God.

For God and Country

“Follow Your Heart” was written to honor our military families.

On this day, the fifteenth anniversary of our 9/11 attack, we should remember those who have dedicated their lives to protect and defend the United States of America.

It was easy for me to write a story about a Marine Corps family, because I am the wife of a retired marine, and mother of two marines. It is for those we hold dear, that I published a memorial to their continued sacrifice.

Blessings to you all. May God keep you in the palm of his hand. Semper Fi !